The Marine Parks Management Alliance, which represents the South Australian commercial fishing sector in matters dealing with marine parks, will now be directly managed as part of Wildcatch Fisheries SA Inc, the peak commercial fishing industry body while retaining its name as a separate identifiable group within Wildcatch Fisheries SA Inc.  

This move will re-enforce the commitment and the ability of the commercial fisheries sector to deal with marine parks and enable it to be the focal point for future discussions with Government at both State and Federal level.

Although marine parks have been declared, there is still considerable uncertainty as Governments move to develop management plans for the marine parks. These include the important issues of establishing and continued monitoring of marine parks to assess their impact both positively and negatively, the de facto re-allocation of resources from the commercial sector to other sectors, the process of adequate effort removal and then compensation for those whose rights have been affected by marine parks and the operational details of the management plans.

Over the past few years, the Alliance has provided a platform for discussion and resolution of each of these issues, but, with current Governments apparently determined to persist with a predetermined outcome and agenda regardless of their expressed comprehensive consultation around these issues, a strong and united industry stance is still required. Linking the Alliance directly to the commercial fishing industry’s peak body will provide that strength and unity.

This restructure will also mean that there will no longer be a need for a separate Chairman of the Alliance and, because of this, and his other commitments, the current Chairman of the Alliance, Dr. Gary Morgan, will step down, effectively immediately. He will, however, retain a close interest in marine parks issue.

Please address any enquiries regarding this restructure to either sector Executive Officers or to Jonas Woolford, Chairman of Wildcatch Fisheries SA Inc.


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